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Innovation Management (UniKL)

Author : Hamidon Katan, Mohd Radzi Zainuddin et al
ISBN 13 : 9789834715328
Year of Publication : May 2015

About this Book

This textbook aims to be a valuable resource in preparing undergraduates for entrepreneurial roles and endeavours. Written specially for the undergraduates at Universiti Kuala Lumpur, this textbook complies with the syllabus of the Innovation Management course at the university, which is a compulsory subject for all degree students.
Spanning 13 comprehensive chapters, this textbook provides students with the essential information on the complex process of innovation management. The key topics covered include the issues involved in being an innovator, the culture necessary for supporting innovation, the organizational issues in supporting innovation, strategic marketing planning, qualitative and quantitative market analysis, the product development process and market testing, and commercialization strategy, among others.
At the end of every chapter, a chapter summary is provided as a snapshot of the key points discussed. In addition, a set of review questions—comprising true and false as well as essay questions—is included to assess students’ understanding, thus consolidating their learning.

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