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OFPS Electronic Circuits

Series : Polytechnic SeriesPolytechnic Series
Author : Loh Yin Nee et al.
ISBN 13 : 9789834732455
Year of Publication : January 2020

About this Book

OFPS Electronic Circuits is written as a reference text for diploma students studying electrical and electronics engineering in Malaysian polytechnics. It can also be used by undergraduates from other institutions pursuing diplomas or degrees in the same field. It provides the fundamentals of electronic circuit applications with an emphasis on electronic device applications, which include circuit configuration and operations. This book covers six chapters, comprising linear DC power supply, oscillators, operational amplifiers, timers, filters, and analog-to-digital and digital to-analog converters. The topics are arranged and presented in an accessible manner to ensure students’ understanding of electronic circuits, which serves as a foundation for higher level subjects in electronics engineering.

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