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OFPS Principles of Auditing

Series : Polytechnic SeriesPolytechnic Series
Author : Noor Azira Sawal et al.
ISBN 13 : 9789834731960
Year of Publication : November 2019

About this Book

The coverage of the book is specially tailored for diploma-level Accounting students pursuing auditing at polytechnics. Students are introduced to the latest auditing fundamentals, standards, concepts and terms in 16 simplified and succinct chapters. They are exposed to the regulatory bodies of the accounting profession in Malaysia, the need for external audits, the statutory requirements of such audits and the auditor’s role in performing the audits according to the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs). Additionally, they are taught the procedures related to audit planning, approach, sampling and documentation, as well as the audit of financial statements for non-complex entities.

The book also covers the significance of sufficient and appropriate audit evidence, how to recognize audit legal liabilities and minimize them as auditors, as well as the different types of audit reports. It concludes with a chapter on corporate governance, which reinforces the importance of good governance and integrity in financial reporting.

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