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OFPS Principles of Management Second Edition

Series : Polytechnic SeriesPolytechnic Series
Author : Ang Huat Bin
ISBN 13 : 9789834729301
Year of Publication : May 2019

About this Book

OFPS Principles of Management, Second Edition covers all the essential topics of management, such as the evolution of management theories; the functions of management (planning, organizing, leading and controlling), as well as staffing and decision-making. It discusses the management processes and practices that are very relevant in today’s businesses and includes discussions on the impact of globalization and corporate social responsibility  in management.

After reading this extremely handy and easy to understand book, readers will gain a working understanding of the basics of management, creativity and planning, organizational structures and its related concepts, leadership and communication, effective managerial control, the staffing process to decision-making in an organization.

Although targeted specifically towards polytechnic students, other students of management as well as managers and business owners will find this a helpful resource to understand the essential management principles, concepts and practices.

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