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Higher Education

A perfect text to acquire the rudiments of Islamic Banking and Finance

Prof. Zubair Hassan takes an integrative approach to Islamic Banking and Finance

Islamic finance has emerged as a major area of interest in the practical affairs of trade industry and commerce during the past three decades. It is regarded as the fastest growing segment of modern financial infrastructure at the global level with promise and potential for initiating reforms for getting rid of the current maladies that inflict the system at an alarming pace.

Zubair Hasan, Professor at the Global University of Education in Islamic Finance

(INCEIF) offers a comprehensive guide to understanding the evolution of Islamic finance through a unique integrative approach in this recently released publication.

An economist and acclaimed author Prof. Zubair Hassan has published numerous articles, commentaries and book reviews in academic journals of repute on his main areas of interest – economic theory and finance, both mainstream and Islamic. In 2009 he was awarded the prestigious Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Prize in Islamic Economics in recognition of his contributions within the field. He is ranked in the top 5% of economists worldwide and among the top 2% in Asia [based on the criteria listed by Research Paper in Economics (RePEc)].

In tandem with the growing interest in Islamic Banking and Finance, the demand for qualified professionals in the field has ballooned. Educational facilities have been expanding to meet the demand; the number of students seeking courses has defied all estimates. This book covers the fundamentals that are essential for students to know, and incorporates unique pedagogical features to aid understanding.  

Apart from students, this book can be used by professionals who seek to refresh and update their knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in the field.


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