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Dragonfly Readers 3.3 Learning Together

ISBN 13 : 9780190890148
Year of Publication : September 2018

About this Book

Different kinds of schools and classrooms; helping others to learn.

The Terrible Musicians
Fast Franny’s speed makes her the best pipa player at Superhero School, while Power Pim’s strength makes him the best kompang player. But when they play together, their music sounds super … terrible!

Shaan Town Tales – Show Me How!
In this ‘Shaan Town Tale’, Mina is proud about being good at some subjects. But then she realizes that she needs help with other subjects. She and her classmates come up with an idea to help one another.

Different Classrooms in Asia
Visit some unique classrooms across Asia in this non-fiction text. Some hold classes in forests or boats, some focus on sport or art, and some use computers instead of blackboards and heavy textbooks.

Skycycle Adventures – Lighting up the Dark
This ‘Skycycle Adventure’ brings Li Yen, Safina, Bo and Gopi to a remote village in Nepal, where children have no lights to study after dark. Together, they come up with a solar-powered idea to solve the problem

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