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Dragonfly Readers 3.5 Into the Past

ISBN 13 : 9780190890162
Year of Publication : September 2018

About this Book

Looking back at different parts of history; comparing the past to the present.

The Magical Water Clock
At the Palace Museum in Beijing, Wenwen travels back in time to see what life was like for the emperor in ancient China.

The Fisherman and the Genie
In this traditional tale from the Arabian Nights, a fisherman opens a vase to find a genie that was trapped inside. But instead of rewarding the fisherman from freeing him, the genie wants to punish him instead.

The Clever Monkeys
Life at the zoo is boring for two little monkeys, Bobo and Kiki. When their grandma tells them a story about a free monkey from the past, it inspires them to plan a clever escape.

Skycycle Adventures – Looking for Dinosaurs
This ‘Skycycle Adventure’ takes Li Yen, Safina, Bo and Gopi to Liaoning in China, where they help two scientists who are looking for dinosaur fossils.

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