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Dragonfly Readers 3.6 Food Fun

ISBN 13 : 9780190890179
Year of Publication : September 2018

About this Book

Enjoying the diversity of different foods and the cultures they come from.

The Food Competition
Mrs Lim is hosting an unusual competition. Two teammates – one Chinese and one Indian – must share their knowledge of Asian food and dining customs to make it through the various rounds of the competition.

Small Nose, Large Mouth
This traditional Korean tale is about a husband and wife who are unhappy with the way they look. But an eventful dinner at their neighbours’ house helps them to finally understand that looks don’t matter.

Skycycle Adventures – A City Farm
In this ‘Skycycle Adventure’, Li Yen, Safina, Bo and Gopi travel to Indonesia, where a farmer and his granddaughter need help finding a new home for their plants.

The Hottest Chilli
Professor Imran and his assistant Hilmi have invented a unique machine that can make electricity from chillies. In search of the hottest chillies to put into their machine, they travel from Malaysia to Thailand, China and India.

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